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The Best Ab Excercises

It seems that every time you turn the television on there is another new info commercial selling the latest and greatest abdominal machine that is designed to give you abs of steel in no time at all.

Well if only it was that easy then everybody would be walking around with a six-pack but unfortunately that's not the case.

Some machines do offer a reasonable solution for building abdominal muscles but what most people don't realize is the fact that you will never see those abdominal muscles without removing the fat that covers them.

So the first step in getting a good six-pack is to reduce your body fat percentage.Next time you're at the beach have a look at some skinny guys or girls and you'll most likely see that they already have good abdominal muscles even if they've never done any training.
This is simply because their body fat content is low.

Even if you are somewhat overweight abdominal exercises will help in many other areas, from your posture to helping support your back and reducing the incidence of back problems and back pain.

Abdominal exercises won't generally burn a lot of fat so don't think that doing abdominal exercises alone will get rid of that excess fat you are carrying around your midsection. Cardio is the best method to burn fat. See my other post on cardio.

So what are the best abdominal exercises you can do?

The three best exercises are the use of the Swiss ball, the ab roller (where you stretch out and roll a wheel backwards and forwards along the floor), and leg raises where you bring your knees up to your chest while supporting your upper body with your arms.

These exercises should see you strengthening and improving your abdominals without the need for any exercise equipment.
Some of the quality home gyms do offer good abdominal training attachments and having those will only help to assist you in improving your abdominal muscles

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