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What Kind of Dieter Are You?

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 1. You’ve just started your new eating plan but have a long-planned dinner out with friends at the end of the week. Do you:

A: Cancel – there’s no way you’re going to do anything to jeopardize your willpower.
B: Look forward to the night out, but ask your chums if you can choose the restaurant, somewhere where you can make healthy choices
C: Woo hoo! A night out with a bottle of wine and some yummy treats? Yes please! Besides, you deserve it – you’ve been dieting like a demon all week.

2. You’ve got a business meeting at 5pm where the boss is laying on a buffet as a thank-you for working late. Do you:

A: Sit though the presentation trying to mask the sound of your gurgling stomach while stoically avoiding the mini sausage rolls and insisting you’re full up already.
B: Go to work prepared with your own snacks of oatcakes and fruit to have around 4pm so you’ll be able to hold out until you get your own healthy dinner at home.
C: Get stuck into the sandwiches. You’ve not eaten a thing since lunchtime and it would be rude not to thank the boss for his kind gesture.

3. Your other half gives in to those mid-evening cravings and hauls out his stash of crisps and chocolate from the kitchen. Do you:

A: Tell him you’ll seek a divorce if he doesn’t immediately flush the lot down the toilet.
B: Have one piece of chocolate to satisfy your own craving then move onto something from your own healthy snack stash.
C: Give in to temptation and snuggle up beside him to share the booty. One little treat won’t hurt. Besides, you’ve eaten hardly anything all day so it’ll all even out. Continue for answers.

If you answered…

Mostly As

Hmmm. Have you ever been compared to Monica from Friends? It’s all or nothing with you, isn’t it? While your willpower is to be admired, you’ve got to be careful that being a diet zealot doesn’t spell disaster for you. If you don’t allow yourself the occasional treat you’re in danger of burning out and blowing your healthy eating plans spectacularly.

Mostly Bs

You’ve probably got the approach just about right. You enjoy the occasional treat but know you can’t let it get out of hand or all your hard work will have been for nothing. You like the rough guidelines of a diet, but like to adapt your plan to suit your own lifestyle, which is perfectly healthy and realistic.

Mostly Cs

Laid back? Your approach to life is virtually horizontal, and it’s going to do you no favours in your weight loss goal. You’ve got to be honest with yourself. How many treats are too many? Robbing Peter to pay Paul by starving yourself of nutritious meals so you can go mad with chocolate or wine is an absolute non-starter.

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