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Why We Need to Be Inspired

For anything excellent and great that you wish to accomplish in your life, there's one imperative requirement - inspiration. A great inspiration brings with it a wave of power that by itself may propel you over the finish line. Conversely when we're empty of inspiration, everything may appear hard, boring and dull, and we acquire no joy out of what we're doing.

Inspiration is so crucial as it keeps the mind positive and centered on the greater picture. We frequently believe we're in command of our minds and what we think, but even a brief analysis of our thoughts brings out another story: that our damaging thoughts act as a big barrier to our self growth.

The mind is really prone to wavering and doubt, shifting from one way to the other at a moment’s notice. Frequently when you feel a deep inner yearning to achieve something, the mind will initially go along with it, lured by the novelty factor. But, when the going gets fierce and you start to encounter roadblocks in accomplishing your goal, the mind will frequently be the first one to jump ship! By bringing in outer sources of inspiration to your life, you help your mind “see the forest for the trees” and work with you to accomplish your goals.

Occasionally the process of bringing purpose and meaning into your life means you have to boldly step into territory unmapped by most of the individuals around you. You start to explore choices beyond the nine-to-five cycle of eating, working and sleeping, and start to move away towards a deeper sense of being. As many of those around you aren’t as interested as you are in living out your total potential, it's really simple to feel that you're ploughing a lone furrow, and this may make you question if indeed you're doing the right thing . That’s why staying in touch with inspiring individuals and reading inspiring stories is so crucial, as it lets you see that other people have been in same place as you. If they've gone on to accomplish their goals, then why can’t you?

As the mind gets bored of new things really quickly, you perpetually need to refill your source of inspiration:

Having like minded individuals around you can be excellent in that regard - you are able to guarantee that if one individual in the group isn’t feeling particularly inspired, somebody else will be, and their inspiration will act as a lift-me-up tonic. Likewise, together you serve as a valuable source of fresh ideas - when one individual discovers something that works for them, and then he or she may share that with everybody else.

Forever keeping a sense of newness in what you do is always crucial - for instance, to stop my meditation practice from getting dull and uninspired, I frequently add a fresh piece of music to my morning routine, or redecorate my meditation space.

Reading may be a powerful source of inspiration, as it directly bears upon the mind. Reading personal inspiration stories may be particularly powerful, as you are able to put yourself in the shoes of that individual and imagine yourself overcoming those roadblocks.You are able to utilize the inspiration you have as a launching pad to increase your ambition - your inner yearning for fulfillment. Many individuals who give seminars on success in different areas all state the same thing - that the difference between accomplishing a goal and not accomplishing it is merely whether you desired it badly enough.

The very act of increasing your ambition helps to inwardly move you away from the situation you're disgruntled with, and you feel that inside your heart you're really beginning to bring about the changes that you wish to see in your life.

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