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How to Make More Money with GPT Sites

Hello everybody. I'm happy to report things are going better than I expected with getting paid to sites. My first few months after joining a few programs had me thinking theses offers look better than they actually put out. I am now happy to report, I may have been a little hasty in my decision.

The key to GPT programs is persistence. Give it at least 6-8 weeks. If you are just getting started remember to join at least 5 sites. *Tip #1 joining more than this in the first week may hinder the surveys you get and it may hinder some of the offers you can get credit for. For example say you sign up for Inbox Dollars or Cashcrate, (plug alert), if you are not a member you can join now through me by just clicking either link. with either of these sites you get credit by joining from their site.

I joined Cashcrate from another blogger. I clicked on a link she had displaying the checks she had received.  I immediately looked for the biggest check. I wanted to know what was possible. Cashcrate was the biggest check at over $200.00.

 I went through the whole process of clicking the link, landing on Cashcrate and then I saw her name show up as my sponsor, so from this I knew the referal system worked. I was now officially intrigued and wanted to know more. I did my first offer, which seemed easy enough, then I completed a few more. Then here's where things began to get a little more complicated. I finally got my total to about $10.00 and reached a stand still. I almost gave up.  I started going to a few other sites and working on other things. The whole time I was reading other articles about Cashcrate and looking at the checks people were posting and realized people were getting checks, BIG CHECKS, so I knew it was possible.I then made my mind up to find the way that works.

This is why I mentioned waiting to sign up a lot of different GPT sites. I joined a few from them and received credit, which helped me to reach my payout goal. *Tip #2 Never think any amount is to little, it may not seem like it but those 1 and 2 cent videos and emails help. After a few weeks I realized I should have clicked those e-mails. In this game every cent counts and adds up and sometimes quicker than you may think.

You may not be able to get rich doing this but it does help take the edge off. It may pay a bill or buy a special treat. I've read about some who save checks all year in a special savings account and at the end of the year it comes in handy for the holidays, especiall with Christmas and Thanksgiving being such big holidays so close together. It may pay for gas to make an out of town trip, or help with plane tickets. It may help with Thanksgiving dinner or if you are lucky enough to have one of those jobs that give you a bonus you may have so much extra you can afford to help pay for items for a family in need. No matter what you find you use it for believe me if keep tucking it away it little becomes much pretty darn quick. And if you are someone who needs the extra cash to make ends meet, it does that too, especially if you need that extra, $100.00 each month, you should be able to do this with no problem.

 You will probably be able to make more than that, especially if you have joined at least 5 sites, and since some sites require you to have at least $25.00 to $30.00 to cash out the checks add up. The majority of people I have listened to about this have said it usually takes them about 20 days to get to that amount. Keep in mind some make more and some less this will be determined by how much time you have to spend on the offers. If you have a full time job you may not be able to devote as much time. You have to admit making a $30.00 check for a few minutes work each day sounds good. Click here for a full detailed outline of how to reach your cash out goal quicker.

*Now for my final tip, you have to treat GPT sites like a stock portfolio. I'm going to call this my "GPT PORTFOLIO" You have to learn to mix and match'em for the best pay out. If you need more help on some of the best ways to mix and match your sites, stay tuned. I will continually update my posts about new GPT sites and even more ways to earn money from home. Subscribe to my feed and you will be able to see when I post new articles, by using the feed you get to see the title and then you know if you need to make a visit to check it out.

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