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Cold and Flu season is fast approaching ...time to get armed and prepared. Keep germs and bacteria at bay with Lysol cleaners.

*Remove odor and bacteria simultaneously. Neutra Air Fabric Refresher kills 99.9% of bacteria on soft surfaces and fabrics. Eliminates tough pet, smoke and body odors while leaving a fresh scent. EPA Registered.

Need Lysol coupons get the latest straight from the website The Dollar General store also has a coupon out for Lysol products. You can find it here

You can get Lysol Fabric Spray from Walmart for about $7, bathroom wipes $4, NeutraAir $4.50 and Lysol Spray Disinfectant a little under $5 a can. At DG disinfectant is $4.25 and the wipes are $4.75 but you can't find the NeutraAir or fabric spray at all DG stores.

*From the Lysol website.

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