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American Express Prepaid Card Review

By George, I think we have a hit!  With the large number of people choosing to abandon the large banks, more and more people are opting for more cost effective options. One of the best up and coming prepaid cards is the American Express Prepaid Card. This card may be the best in its class; spends like cash but has the benefits of a credit card.The website makes sure to note this is not a debit or credit card it is a prepaid card, but no matter what you call it, don’t forget to mention it is one of the better prepaid cards on the market. 

  • It’s Safer than using cash in most instances.
  • No credit check required.
  • No overdraft fees. No reoccurring monthly fees.
  • Funds replaced if card is lost or stolen.
  • Comes with online management tools.
  • 24 hour customer service.
  • Easy to Load.
  • World Class American Express Benefits. 
As with most debit cards and prepaid cards there are some fees but they are very minimal when compared to other prepaid cards. Check their website for the current list of fees.

You can load the card by one of several convenient ways. You can use the direct deposit feature and load your benefits straight onto your card. You can also reload from your checking or savings account. You can purchase ($3.95) a Vanilla reload Network Card (up to $500.00) and load those funds directly onto your card. Check website for further details.

To date there are three versions of the American Express Prepaid Card.

There is PASS, which is a card parents can load and give to their teens, this is a good choice for setting up automatic deposits into your teens account and this card is customizable. You can choose one of four bright colors and you can also add an image.Neat huh! Yes, I think so too. 

The American Express Campus Edition Prepaid, this card is similar to the regular American Express Prepaid Card. Same features and benefits it is just called the campus edition because it is intended for college students. I think a very good feature of the card for college students is the roadside assistance, global assist, and entertainment feature.

Last but not least is the American Express for Target. You can purchase this card and load from your local participating Target.

 This card is pretty good considering most of the other prepaid cards treat users like second class citizens and there are usually very few benefits and the fees border on being ridiculous. So we welcome a change in the prepaid card market, hopefully other prepaid card issuers will follow suit. Right now American Express have a special going on until June 30, 2012. If you order a card now and load at least 200.00 on it you will receive a $25.00 complimentary gift card. Get full details at http://www.


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